True wealth is more than just money, it’s your family values, the passion for the work you do, the experiences you create with those you love and the ripple effect of your legacy. That’s true wealth.

~ Bryan Sarff, Founder & CEO

When I founded True Wealth, my vision was the same then as it is today – to bring a fresh perspective to the marketplace and challenge the status quo of wealth management. Through years of hard work, I can honestly say we’ve created a fantastic experience for successful families and business owners like you.

If you have faith in the future of America – we want to partner with you. If you are striving for a better experience and are looking for a personal wealth manager who listens more than they speak – we want to provide uncommon care to you and your loved ones. If you are tired of financial speak, long financial plans, and the complexities wealth brings – we strive to make the world of financial advice elegantly simple…all for you.

Let's Make Work OptionalTM

Let’s Make Work Optional means different things to different people. For some it might mean an extravagant vacation to the Greek Isles, and others a nice long week at the lake. To another, it’s passing along their life’s knowledge, having the funds to educate future generations, or giving back to the causes they care about most.

When you join the like-minded community at True Wealth & Company, you can create:

  • The ECONOMIC FREEDOM to create a life most are afraid to attempt.
  • The ECONOMIC FREEDOM to try new things, knowing that if you fail, you have a plan that provides for you and your family.
  • The ECONOMIC FREEDOM to invest in yourself and your family to optimize opportunities.
  • The ECONOMIC FREEDOM to design new experiences for those you love and care about.
  • The ECONOMIC FREEDOM that in the event something happens to you, your family’s lifestyle is preserved.
  • The ECONOMIC FREEDOM to embrace life to its fullest.