By Bryan Sarff, CFP®

How do you define “true wealth”? Is it a particular balance in the bank, a certain amount of liquid assets, or your overall net worth? We believe true wealth is more than just money. True wealth is your family values, the passion for the work you do, and the experiences you create with those you love. It represents the ripple effect of your legacy.

At True Wealth & Company, our goal is to help clients achieve the freedom to make work optional so they can pursue what they love. We live by three core values: Faith in the Future, Elegant Simplicity, and Uncommon Care. Faith in the Future is believing in American entrepreneurs and the American spirit. Elegant Simplicity means taking the complexities of the financial industry and communicating more effectively through stories, pictures, and analogies. Uncommon Care, simply put, is knowing you beyond your account performance and recognizing life’s ups-and-downs with you. At the heart of what we do is helping our clients achieve success, both personally and professionally. 

Who We Serve

We primarily work with people in the Kansas City metro, and our clients encompass a select group of driven entrepreneurs and thrifty millionaires. We also serve retirees who are acting as family stewards—those who generally have no debt and a significant amount of wealth which they plan to leave to their families. With all our clients, we aim to provide personalized guidance and relief from the complexities of wealth, acting as their personal CFO so they can focus on the tasks that drive their personal and professional endeavors forward. 

What We Do 

In the context of a long-term partnership, we engage with our clients in holistic financial planning to pursue their professional and personal goals. We’re committed to providing an amazing experience for clients and their families through the services we provide. These services vary depending on their needs and circumstances, but may include business succession planning for our business-owner clients, wealth protection and transfer strategies for our thrifty millionaires, or Social Security optimization and estate planning for our retiree clients. 

How We Can Help

At True Wealth, we’ve developed a process that puts together all the pieces of your financial puzzle. Called the Work Optional Formula™ , this process includes the following steps:

  • Wealth preservation: Produce the best possible investment returns consistent with your time frame and tolerance for risk.
  • Wealth enhancement: Minimizing the impact of taxes on your investment returns while ensuring the cash flow you need.
  • Wealth transfer: Finding and facilitating the most tax-efficient way to pass assets to your loved ones with minimal difficulty and cost.
  • Wealth protection: Safeguarding your wealth against catastrophic loss, potential creditors, litigants, children’s spouses, potential ex-spouses, and identity thieves—in short, preventing your assets from being unjustly taken.
  • Charitable giving: Meaningful gifts to charity in the most impactful way possible.

We offer a coordinated approach to wealth management, utilizing our vast professional network to help you pursue your goals more efficiently. We are active managers, conducting our planning and investing in-house and producing our deliverables and action items to clients on a few sheets of paper, instead of a 100-page financial plan that is cumbersome to read (if you ever read it at all). Additionally, you will find that we are hardworking, down-to-earth professionals who use stories and analogies to avoid complicated financial language. 

Are You Ready to Make Work Optional? 

You have many options when choosing a wealth manager to help navigate your financial goals and personal dreams. What makes True Wealth & Company unique is that we pursue results beyond investments, helping our clients achieve the economic freedom to do what they love—whatever that may look like for them. Are you ready to start walking your path to financial independence so you too can make work optional? Contact us today by calling (913) 653-8783 or emailing

About Bryan

Bryan Sarff is the founder and CEO of True Wealth & Company and has been serving clients’ financial needs since 2003. His services cover all areas of the wealth management process, including business succession planning, investment strategies, business value acceleration, retirement planning, legacy planning, and insurance planning. Bryan acts as a personal wealth manager for successful business owners and thrifty millionaires who want to make work optional and join our Work Optional Wealth™ community. When working with clients, his highest priority is to help them “achieve financial independence and economic freedom” so they can spend more time doing what they love.

Bryan has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Marketing from the University of Missouri – Columbia. Before transitioning to wealth management, he spent eight years working for Lear Corporation and GE leading successful process improvement initiatives at multiple locations. In 2009, he earned the Certified Financial Planner™ designation. Outside of the office, Bryan has spoken at hundreds of wealth management workshops, hosted financial talk radio shows, the “Let’s Make Work Optional” Podcast, and is launching a new podcast in 2023. In the community, he is involved with Strive 4 Life, Band of Angels, and the Johnson County Christmas Bureau. He enjoys playing golf, swimming, smoking tasty ribs on his Traeger, traveling with his wife and three daughters, attending concerts, and is a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs and Mizzou Football. To learn more about Bryan, connect with him on LinkedIn.