Every Father’s Day, we celebrate our dads. We recognize all the things they do for us. We recognize the example they set through their work ethic, their character, their strength, their patience, and their love. In short, we celebrate the best qualities that dads have to offer. But are we leaving something out? Are we forgetting to appreciate the most revered, time-honored aspect of all time?

We’re referring to, of course, The Dad Joke.

Dad Jokes, as you know, fall under the “so bad it’s good” category of humor, a much-beloved tradition of dads everywhere. So, in honor of Father’s Day, here are seven of the corniest, cheesiest, most eye-rolling, groan-inducing Dad Jokes of all time.

You’re welcome.


Q: “What do you call cheese that’s not yours?”

A: “Nacho cheese.”


Q: “Did you hear about the new restaurant on the moon?”

A: “Great food, no atmosphere.”


Q: “Why are skeletons so calm?”

A: “Because nothing gets under their skin.”


Q: “What happened when the frog parked his car illegally?”

A: “It got toad.”


Q: “Hey, have you read that new book about anti-gravity?”

A: “It’s impossible to put down.”


Q: “Why did the scarecrow win an award?”

A: “Because he was out standing in his field.”


Q: “When does a joke become a dad joke?”

A: “When it becomes apparent.”


To all dads, we wish you a Happy Father’s Day. Thanks for all you do – including telling awful jokes! Hopefully these jokes made you laugh. But if they didn’t, don’t blame us. Blame atoms.

After all, they’re the ones that make up everything.