If you’re ready to begin working less (and eventually stop working!), our Work Optional Formula is for you.

The Work Optional Formula is a step-by-step process that coordinates all the moving parts of your financial life so they work together to achieve your goals. We work as your personal CFO to connect and organize the professionals in your life so they all progress in the same direction for you.

The need for this coordinated approach has become essential. Think about it: we all face more financial challenges than ever—from building and enhancing our wealth, to safeguarding and passing it on to heirs, to using it to support the people and institutions we value most. What’s more, none of these challenges exist in a vacuum. The decisions we make today about our investment portfolios, for example, can have far-reaching ramifications on next year’s tax bill or the amount of money we are able to give our children years, or even decades, down the road.

The Work Optional Formula is based on the knowledge that the many distinct areas of our financial lives are actually remarkably intertwined with each other and need to work in unison.

As you can probably guess, the benefits of coordinating your entire financial life can be enormous. Just as important are the substantial potential costs—financial, emotional, and otherwise—of failing to manage your affairs in an integrated way.

Take a minute to think about your own situation. Are you sure your financial house is in order? Do your investments, wills, trusts, insurance policies, and other major issues all function together as they should? Are there important areas of your financial life that could benefit from some attention and improvements? The fact is, despite our best intentions, many demands of daily life tend to intrude and prevent us from doing what we know is necessary to ensure an optimal financial future.

If you know you could be doing a better job managing your wealth, or if you are the least bit uncertain about where you stand today, where you want to be in the future, and how you will get there, we encourage you to explore how our Work Optional Formula can help.