We are active investment managers. We manage the majority of our investments in-house. We don’t believe in outsourcing the most critical element to your wealth and long-term success.

Below are descriptions of our portfolios, but perhaps a story is better suited to describe our investment style.

Imagine leaving the suburbs of Kansas City to drive across I-70 to Denver. From your driveway you can’t set your cruise control to 75 and punch it. You must navigate the roads and neighborhood traffic. Once on the highway, you can’t just set it to 75 either. You must assess the road conditions and traffic all the way to Denver.

Our approach to investing is quite similar. When traffic is heavy, we slow down and don’t take as much risk in the market. When severe weather strikes or if the bridge is out, we can hit the brakes or pull off the road to get out of the market completely and go to cash. On those bright and sunny days with little traffic, we roll down the windows and hit the gas to try to capture as much profit as possible.

We believe we are in a new era that began following COVID-19. For many years, a number of Americans just invested in passive index funds. Just close your eyes and buy-and-hold. But with debt as high as it is, the world moving to two superpowers (USA and China), the risks of higher inflation, unknown world conflict, and, we believe, less support from the Federal Reserve, a new era is upon us—one which will value active management and nimble, diverse strategies.

We’ve built our portfolios for this new era.

We invest through three primary portfolios with the ability to customize investments
for high-net-worth families and individuals:

True Wealth Dynamic Growth

We consider risk first and then seek to maximize return. We actively “skate to where the puck will be” and invest in the market we believe is coming our way. We eat our own cooking—meaning we invest our own money alongside yours. We are confident in our predictions, and while they may not always follow the popular investments, we believe we are choosing the profitable ones. We may quickly “cut bait” and run from some investments as the tides change, while others we may stubbornly hold on to, buy down our investment, and patiently wait for the rewarding higher turn in the markets. Simply put, we will go anywhere to pursue a profit for our clients, provided the risk of the investment is worth the squeeze. During times of extreme volatility, we may move to cash or bonds and wait for an opportunity to buy back into the stock market.

True Wealth Dynamic Income

This portfolio is designed to generate income and protect capital. We use private credit (think loans to private companies), publicly traded company bonds, and real assets (think precious metals, industrial metals, and real estate) to build our portfolios. In today’s markets, we gravitate toward private credit because there is typically collateral backing these investments that can protect you in bad markets. As far as real assets are concerned, we like private real estate and physical assets.

True Wealth All-Weather

70% dynamic growth and 30% dynamic income, we have built this as a moderate-growth portfolio and a replacement for the traditional 60/40 portfolio. Its objective is to provide growth with reduced risk.

Customized Portfolios

We can also build customized strategies that include investments not available to the general public for accredited investors. For qualified purchasers, we offer many exclusive investments to optimize your portfolio for your specific needs with the ability to pursue unique opportunities in the world of investing.