You are living through, and surviving, one of the most tumultuous times in World History. Your schedule has been upended. The amount of change you are experiencing in your life is most likely at it’s peak. Many of you, or someone you know, has likely experienced a huge career impact.

Vacations have been uprooted and re-booked some time in the future. The way kids experience school is completely changing. We have no sports. You get the gist. It’s easy to focus on the negative. Let’s spin this puppy around and find the upside.

The amount of increased family time has been incredible for many of the people that I talk to regularly. Who would have thought we’d be able to have a six month summer break with our kids? (More wine, anyone?)

Yard work has become a great past-time for many during the pandemic. “Honey-do” lists are getting shorter and shorter. I’ve heard folks say they are getting things accomplished at home they didn’t think they would for another five to ten years.

Home improvement projects are on the rise to better our living, and working, spaces. I’ve heard from home re-modelers that they’re booked well into the future with kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom projects. Just look at how crowded the parking lots are for home improvement stores!

Pool installations are at a record high. I’ve talked with three companies in town who are more than 50% over-booked this year for installations. Most are scheduling for next May and June!

Getting back to nature is on a huge uptick. You can’t help but notice more people out and about, walking, running, hiking, and biking. Many parks are seeing a big increase, as well.

I heard from a friend that many bike stores are completely sold out of inventory as people clamor for more bicycles.

Trips to the mountains, national parks, fishing, four-wheeling, horseback riding, boating, skiing, and many other activities, have all increased dramatically in my social media feed, as families change their vacation destinations and habits.

Those in the work-from-home crowd are finding ways to live a more balanced life. They are able to have more meals with their families, and stay in touch better with everyone in their social circles.

At-home movie watching has taken on a new level of viewership, as we all have much more free time to catch up on shows and movies we have interest in watching.

I never would have dreamed that animal shelters across the country would run out of pets to adopt, as more people seek companionship.

Home cooked meals have taken on new meaning, as many families are discovering their inner chef!

Hobbies that may have been long forgotten are making a comeback. My Mom, for example, has become a champion of complicated puzzles. Below is a picture of her most recent accomplishment. I’m hearing of more people sewing, woodworking, crocheting, taking up photography, gardening, and so much more!

People are absolutely amazing. We have the ability to make many different flavors of lemonade when life gives us bushels of lemons.

Keep your head up through the end of this pandemic. Try something new — or old — from the hobbies listed above. Or, better yet, reply and share what you’ve been occupying your time with during the lockdown. I will add all of your responses to this list and redistribute the new, updated one in a couple of weeks!

God bless!