Let's Make Work Optional

We help you transform business success into personal wealth.

We help you make work optional to pursue the economic freedom you’ve been planning for.

What We Do

Our services are specifically catered to business owners looking for a high-performing virtual family office and thrifty millionaires in need of a personal wealth manager.

Business Owners

  • Business Valuation Drivers
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Incentive Plans for Highly Compensated Employees
  • Company Retirement Planning
  • Coordinated Team of Elite Professionals

Thrifty Millionaires

  • Smart Money Decisions
  • Mitigate Taxes
  • Take Care of Your Heirs
  • Protect Your Assets
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Wealth Mindset Framework
  • Magnify Charitable Gifts

Retirement Income Planning

  • Smart Money Decisions
  • Mitigate Taxes
  • Pension Maximization
  • Social Security Optimization
  • Estate Planning



There’s so much more to financial planning than picking and choosing investments. Visit our blog to learn more about our financial tips and tricks and how to connect the emotional, personal, and financial side of wealth planning.